Why You May Want to Stay at a Resort On Your Next Vacation

When people plan on taking a vacation, they usually focus on where they will go and what they will do. Their minds are preoccupied with the novelty of their destination. This is fine and a wonderful way to think of vacations, but it’s not the whole story. If you’re planning on a vacation, where you stay will make a huge difference to how you feel about your entire holiday experience.

If you choose a hotel, you’ll be free to come and go without worrying about keeping the place up, and you’ll enjoy your meals in the restaurant. The better the quality of the hotel, the more you will enjoy your vacation. A nice bedroom, good meals, and recreational opportunities like a bar, restaurant, swimming pool, and gym will be a nice way to end each day of sightseeing.

Why You May Want to Stay at a Resort On Your Next Vacation

Still, you can make an even better choice than staying in a first-rate hotel—and that’s staying at a resort facility.

Here are four reasons why you may want to try staying at a resort, rather than choosing a great hotel, next time you go on a vacation:

  1. Resorts offer more unique experiences.

While a good hotel will take care of most of your needs on its premises, a resort will deliver much more. Besides enjoying the same level of hospitality and first-class accommodations you might expect from a five-star hotel, you’ll also be able to access more amenities, services, activities and entertainment experiences.

While a hotel will offer lodging, food and drink, and a few services, a resort will offer you much more. It may, for instance, offer you entertainment excursions and sports facilities. If you’re staying a resort, like one offered on welkresorts.com, on a San Diego vacation, you’ll be able to do things like golf at the Welk Resorts Fountains Course or go on a wine-tasting excursion.

Besides golf courses, other sports offered by resorts include hiking, biking, and skiing. Some resorts even offer classes like foreign language classes and yoga studios.

  1. Resorts link to the main attractions of the vacation destination.

While all top class hotels are somewhat similar, resorts can be remarkably different from each other. This difference usually depends on where the resort is located. A resort may be linked with a theme park, a historic town, a ski center, or a beach. Staying at a resort makes it easier to get access to the key tourist attractions of the vacation destination. A Disney Resort, for instance, isn’t just conveniently located near DisneyWorld, it offers guests more opportunities to enjoy the theme parks than regular visitors can get. An authorized Disney resort is able to give guests early access to the parks with a FastPass, allow guests to spend extra time at the parks, arrange for complimentary transportation or parking at the parks, and enjoy discounted dining at the parks.

  1. An all-inclusive option.

Some resorts allow you to pay upfront for everything, so when you get there, you can forget about cash. You’ll enjoy all the amenities without worrying how much everything costs. You won’t have to budget your activities, figuring out how much you need to spend on entertainment, food, beverages, and gratuities.

  1. Resort amenities and services.

Spa resorts often provide comprehensive services as part of a package. Spa resort, for instance, usually include physical fitness classes and education nutrition courses. Other services offered by resorts include childcare facilities, complimentary airport transportation, parties (like a BBQ on the beach) and musical entertainment.

Enjoy Happy Vacations

The whole idea of going on a vacation is to forget the hassles of your everyday life. It’s an opportunity to lift your mood and make you feel happier. Moreover, the more relaxing and fun your vacation, the happier you’ll be. This is a concept that resorts understand well. Consequently, you’ll get all the benefits you’d get by staying at a hotel, along with a unique variety of amenities, services, and entertainment to make your trip even more enjoyable. With luxury resorts all over the world, it’s possible to have a great time wherever you choose to travel.

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