Unspoken Rules to Land a Web Developer Job (+Resume Writing Tips)

Do you find it hard to land a tech job although there are so many options for a tech career? Why don’t you start with a junior web developer job? It’s a great way to begin your career path in the web development industry and you often don’t even need to have a college degree to get it.

According to Glassdoor, entry-level web developers earn up to $72,000 in 2018, while junior web developers with small experience can expect a salary of $77,800. Stop hesitating as there are currently more than 30,000 web developer openings in Indeed. Having a persuasive resume that highlights your key skills is all that matters. So, here are the main rules to land a web developer job and write an outstanding resume.

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Build Your Portfolio Website

The very first thing prospective recruiters will look at when considering you for their web developer position is your portfolio. You need to build a website that is a real reflection of your personal brand as well as your skills. Make sure you code your portfolio, launch it and make it outshine the competition. Add any work and projects you’ve completed for clients or companies (with their permission) and those which demonstrate your range as a developer.

Consider Doing Freelance Work

If you have little or no experience and nothing to put on your portfolio, then you might want to consider doing some freelance projects. Taking on work as a freelancer will not only establish your reliability as a developer but also build your business skills and get you some recommendations.

Also, you may do some charity work in the form of pro bono projects. It will beef up your portfolio website and allow you to network.

Resume Writing Tips

Similar to any other resume, an IT resume is an application document that can help you significantly improve your job searching process provided that you know how to make it.

The main and basic rule for any resume is to be truthful and include only relevant information to grab the attention of potential employers. For instance, the work experience section of your document is the best way to demonstrate evidence that you have the necessary skill set required for the job.

In addition, cover letters for web developers may be overrated as it’s clear and obvious from your resume that you want to land a job. Your portfolio will speak for itself so there is no need to create an additional letter full of objectives. HR managers will only have time to look through your main application document and your portfolio before they make a decision.

Highlight Your Specialized Skills

In some cases, recruiters are just looking for a “web developer” without any specific requirements.

They only know they need somebody to build their website. Other times, you may find job openings listing specifically the skills they are looking for in a perfect candidate, such as being an expert in AngularJS, a JavaScript developer or a Ruby on Rails developer. So if you highlight this information about you in your resume and portfolio you will boost your chance of being found by the right company.

All in all, pay attention to the above-mentioned rules if you want to make your job searching process successful and finally land your dream web developer job.

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