Social Media Photography Takes Point and Shoot to another Level

A generation ago, photos were developed in a darkroom and photo sharing meant handing or mailing out copies of favorite shots to family and friends. Over the years, photographic technology has changed and evolved. This also transformed the way people shoot and share their favorite photos.

Today, new advanced smartphones and cameras have enabled more people to instantly capture their daily lives and other subjects that interest them. They do so with only the most basic knowledge in photography. Meanwhile, social media platforms have transformed the meaning of networking by providing a venue for quick photo sharing among family and friends.

Point, Shoot and Communicate

While smartphones and digital photography devices have taken the practice to another level, it has also created another purpose for taking photos. It has become more than a means for capturing memories. For the millennial generation, it has become a communication tool and a memory tool for the older but more tech-savvy users. Case in point, those with social media accounts in sites such as Instagram or Twitter convey their emotional state at the moment by posting happy or sad photos, which often generates different types of reactions from their followers.

Tag and Print Technology

Hashtag printing is one photography innovation that has captured the interest of the current generation. Social Studio is one of the innovators of this type of photography. As a trending tool, it allows users to use the power of social media to gain wider exposure and create networking possibilities.

This technology enables groups of friends to do several tasks. First, they can use their smartphones to take photos in an event. Second, they can post, create albums, and tag photos through their networking site. Third, they can instantly pull out photo sets and print them anywhere as long as there is a compatible printing device.

Social Media Sharing

There is no doubt that social media sites have been drawing more followers over the years. A fact sheet on social media trends indicates a diversification in the use of these sites aside from personal content sharing. These platforms now provide entertainment and news info, among other things.

Usage has also increased exponentially as the fact sheet indicated. While only 5 percent used a social media site in 2005, in six years this figure has increased to 69 percent. Meanwhile, adoption trends have also diversified during the past years to include a growing number of older adults among social media users.

More social media use meant more photos being posted and shared by users. Back in 2014, statistics revealed that around 1.8 billion photos are being uploaded and shared on a daily basis. These photos are posted on leading sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Social media platforms will continue to thrive in the age of digital technology. As more features are added to these networking sites and technology becomes more refined, more digital photos will be shared online. Soon, a new generation of content users and developers will be encouraged to pick-up a camera or smartphone and share their product among their network of family and friends.


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