Restaurant Strategies That Could Lower Insurance Costs

When claims are filed, a typical insurance company will increase the rates, which is why a restaurant manager or owner should always try to avoid situations that can affect an average insurance policy. If you’re a manager or owner with a high insurance policy, taking proper steps to lower the costs can be very beneficial because you could use the extra cash to enhance or grow the business. In order to accomplish this in a practical way, you may have to renovate the dining area and update or train your staff.

Space Tables Far Apart

If your tables aren’t spaced or arranged within a reasonable distance, your staff and customers will have problems walking to different locations in the restaurant. An inefficient design scheme can lead to some dangerous situations in the restaurant when food is delivered to various customers. For example, if a waiter totes a beverage to a table that’s only a few inches from another table, someone sitting at the opposite table could bump the waiter among standing up. As this type of collision happens, a waiter may spill a beverage on someone, and the restaurant will have to cover any injuries that happen if a hot drink lands on a customer. By working with a professional interior designer, you won’t have to worry about spacing because the designer will examine the entire layout in the restaurant before the tables are placed in proper spots.

Hire a Focused Staff

Although a professional restaurant layout can prevent accidents, you may still have to deal with accidental situations if your staff isn’t focused. These types of accidents happen when employees:

  • Walk while texting
  • Delivery food too quickly
  • Mult-task inefficiently

In order to make changes that can improve a staff that isn’t focus, you’ll need to develop a training program. Your program should involve hands-on exercises so that everyone can learn how to better serve customers during the busiest hours in the restaurant.

By using these strategies, you could avoid filing insurance claims while running your restaurant. If you need an alternative insurance option that can benefit your company as it grows, consider working with an agency in the captive insurance industry.

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