Importance of Having a Mobile Website

Importance of Having a Mobile Website

Are you mobile friendly? Your website that is. Do you even know if your website is mobile friendly? With more people than ever accessing the internet from their mobile devices, it might be time for you to look back at your website to see if your site is indeed mobile friendly. According to a technology article, your average website was never designed to be seen from a mobile device mostly because mobile technology didn’t even exist. Sadly, most people don’t even know their website is not mobile friendly. Before you can fix the problem, you need to know what a mobile website actually is. According to an article, mobile-friendly websites are made to look great on smaller screens such as mobile devices. Some of the elements that you will need to have on a mobile friendly website include: mobile friendly navigation, easier to read text, faster download speed, and touch-friendly buttons and page elements. Still not sure if mobile friendly is right for you? Here are five good reasons why you must make a mobile friendly website: 1. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo are investing heavily in mobile technology. 2. The biggest growing trend right now in technology is mobile technology. 3. Shopping online is taking over traditional store shopping. 4. More people are spending their time on mobile devices such as social media and watching movies to playing games and chatting with friends. 5. Mobile devices make it easier to find your store with the use of Google Maps. If you want your business to thrive, then you must create yourself a mobile friendly website.

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