Complete Turn-Key Internet Solution for Events from Trade Show Internet

Trade show internet caters for both indoor and outdoor internet connection needs. It has a highly trained, experienced and professional IT engineering team. Their services are excellent and applicable to all events. At TradeShowInternet.Com – short term wifi solutions are available as well as internet solutions for big events that involve more devices.

Mostly, event organizers prefer event WiFi for their attendees especially if they are in the range of one hundred people. You can learn more about the options you have for your event online at event wifi @ TradeShowInternet.Com. They also have the option of custom high-density wireless networks for larger events. For their customers who include Delta, Github, and Electronic Arts just to name a few.


Complete Turn-Key Internet Solution for Events from Trade Show Internet


In order to engage the attendees, Trade Show Internet recommends wifi captive portal splash page for your event. They will set it up for you and since they take responsibility for the success of the event, you should not be worried about network failure. You will also appreciate the fact that they offer all wired and wireless networks from one point of contact and will send you a single invoice for all these services. You will also not be concerned about on-site network design, deployment, management and renting of hardware since they take care of that too.


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