Unspoken Rules to Land a Web Developer Job (+Resume Writing Tips)

Do you find it hard to land a tech job although there are so many options for a tech career? Why don’t you start with a junior web developer job? It’s a great way to begin your career path in the web development industry and you often don’t even need to have a college degree to get it.

According to Glassdoor, entry-level web developers earn up to $72,000 in 2018, while junior web developers with small experience can expect a salary of $77,800. Stop hesitating as there are currently more than 30,000 web developer openings in Indeed. Having a persuasive resume that highlights your key skills is all that matters. So, here are the main rules to land a web developer job and write an outstanding resume.

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Build Your Portfolio Website

The very first thing prospective recruiters will look at when considering you for their web developer position is your portfolio. You need to build a website that is a real reflection of your personal brand as well as your skills. Make sure you code your portfolio, launch it and make it outshine the competition. Add any work and projects you’ve completed for clients or companies (with their permission) and those which demonstrate your range as a developer.

Consider Doing Freelance Work

If you have little or no experience and nothing to put on your portfolio, then you might want to consider doing some freelance projects. Taking on work as a freelancer will not only establish your reliability as a developer but also build your business skills and get you some recommendations.

Also, you may do some charity work in the form of pro bono projects. It will beef up your portfolio website and allow you to network.

Resume Writing Tips

Similar to any other resume, an IT resume is an application document that can help you significantly improve your job searching process provided that you know how to make it.

The main and basic rule for any resume is to be truthful and include only relevant information to grab the attention of potential employers. For instance, the work experience section of your document is the best way to demonstrate evidence that you have the necessary skill set required for the job.

In addition, cover letters for web developers may be overrated as it’s clear and obvious from your resume that you want to land a job. Your portfolio will speak for itself so there is no need to create an additional letter full of objectives. HR managers will only have time to look through your main application document and your portfolio before they make a decision.

Highlight Your Specialized Skills

In some cases, recruiters are just looking for a “web developer” without any specific requirements.

They only know they need somebody to build their website. Other times, you may find job openings listing specifically the skills they are looking for in a perfect candidate, such as being an expert in AngularJS, a JavaScript developer or a Ruby on Rails developer. So if you highlight this information about you in your resume and portfolio you will boost your chance of being found by the right company.

All in all, pay attention to the above-mentioned rules if you want to make your job searching process successful and finally land your dream web developer job.

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Restaurant Strategies That Could Lower Insurance Costs

When claims are filed, a typical insurance company will increase the rates, which is why a restaurant manager or owner should always try to avoid situations that can affect an average insurance policy. If you’re a manager or owner with a high insurance policy, taking proper steps to lower the costs can be very beneficial because you could use the extra cash to enhance or grow the business. In order to accomplish this in a practical way, you may have to renovate the dining area and update or train your staff.

Space Tables Far Apart

If your tables aren’t spaced or arranged within a reasonable distance, your staff and customers will have problems walking to different locations in the restaurant. An inefficient design scheme can lead to some dangerous situations in the restaurant when food is delivered to various customers. For example, if a waiter totes a beverage to a table that’s only a few inches from another table, someone sitting at the opposite table could bump the waiter among standing up. As this type of collision happens, a waiter may spill a beverage on someone, and the restaurant will have to cover any injuries that happen if a hot drink lands on a customer. By working with a professional interior designer, you won’t have to worry about spacing because the designer will examine the entire layout in the restaurant before the tables are placed in proper spots.

Hire a Focused Staff

Although a professional restaurant layout can prevent accidents, you may still have to deal with accidental situations if your staff isn’t focused. These types of accidents happen when employees:

  • Walk while texting
  • Delivery food too quickly
  • Mult-task inefficiently

In order to make changes that can improve a staff that isn’t focus, you’ll need to develop a training program. Your program should involve hands-on exercises so that everyone can learn how to better serve customers during the busiest hours in the restaurant.

By using these strategies, you could avoid filing insurance claims while running your restaurant. If you need an alternative insurance option that can benefit your company as it grows, consider working with an agency in the captive insurance industry.

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4 Tips for Buying Hybrid Combiners

http://comprodcom.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/HTC-13-02HD-Copy-400x444.jpgIf you’re into RF devices, hybrid combiners can be a vital part of your toolbox. But what if you’ve never shopped for them before? How can you be sure that you’re buying the best products and getting the best deals? Before you pull out your credit card for a hybrid combiner, think about these four tips.

1. Know Your Price Range

Since hybrid combiners can range from “ridiculously cheap” to “terribly expensive,” you’ll want to have a price range in mind before you hit the open market. Think about what you’re willing to pay for specific functions and features. Don’t forget that you’ll be responsible for shipping costs, too.

2. Compare and Contrast Brands

Are you familiar with the biggest and most popular brands in the world of RF devices? If not, it’s time to do some homework. You don’t have to buy from these big-name companies if you’d prefer a smaller, more independent seller, but you should always explore your options before committing to a specific purchase.

3. Determine Your Specs

Maybe you need a power splitter combiner. Maybe you’re looking for something with a specific frequency or insertion loss. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to buying RF tools like hybrid combiners; it all depends on your personal needs and circumstances. Just make sure that you know what you’re looking for as you shop.

4. Get a Guarantee

Last but certainly not least, take a look at the product’s warranty before you sign on the dotted line. Does it cover things like defects and delivery damages? If you need to return the hybrid combiner at some point in the future, will you be responsible for return shipping costs? Always read the fine print.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop for hybrid combiners. As you can see, there’s more to the process than simply opening up an industry magazine and choosing something from its back catalogue. You’ll need to be smart and careful about your purchase decision if you’re serious about making a good choice.

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Fun While Working Together as a Team

Fun While Working Together as a Team

Even if you sit at a desk all day, there are likely times when you’ll have to interact with other people. It could be your employer or some of the employees who are only in your department. If it seems like there is a good bit of tension in the office, then consider a few activities that can bring everyone together so that more work can be completed and so that everyone is comfortable with each other.

Start Communicating

Sometimes, building as a team begins with learning about each other and talking to each other. Play a game that’s fun but that also allows for everyone to reveal a little about themselves, such as how many people live in the home or where they went to school. Two Truths And A Lie is a game that is fun to play with a small group. Each person writes two true statements about themselves on a card as well as one statement that is false. Everyone tries to guess which statement the lie is. Another of the team building activities in Dallas TX to consider involves coins and other items that are found in wallets and purses. Items are put on a table, and everyone must work together to come up with a logo for some of the items.

Solving Problems

These activities are ideal for those who work in technology or who work in a setting where there might be challenges during the day. When you’re in groups, try to put the people who aren’t as good at solving problems with the people who are a bit better so that they can learn and get new ideas to take back with them for future use. An idea would be to get a large picture and cut it into smaller pieces like a puzzle. Each group has a different picture. Everyone must work together in the group to put the picture back together. Another variation of the game is to have someone ask questions about different topics. Each group has a chance to win pieces of one large picture on the wall by answering questions and trying to figure out the design of the pictures with as few pieces as possible before the other teams.

Making Machines

Most people have experimented with dropping eggs or other things that break unless they are protected. Divide the group into pairs or smaller groups of three to four people. Each group must come up with a design that will hold an egg so that the egg doesn’t break when it lands on the floor. This is a fun way for people to talk to each other and discover the skills that each person has, such as designing or manual tasks of putting objects together.

The goal of team building activities is to find out more about the people you work with. It’s a way to uncover the strengths that you have and what other people have so that you function as a well-oiled business instead of one that doesn’t produce well during the day.


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The Concept of Deep Learning Pertaining to Modern Computers

Deep learning is considered one of the subfields of machine learning. Algorithms have been inspired by the function and structure of the brain. This is referred to as artificial neural networks. Deep learning uses simulations of the brain to make learning algorithms easier and better. This concept has advanced artificial intelligence or AI. Deep learning requires computers with enough data and speed to train big neural networks. As these networks are trained the performance and amount of data both increase. This is not the same as other techniques used for learning because there is no performance plateau. The performance continues to improve as data is supplied.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of deep learning is the fantastic capabilities regarding supervised learning. Deep learning software has been designed to access the larger neural networks. Deep learning is like a deep neural net because it references the number of layers present in neural networks. The scalability is improving because more data can be supplied for the bigger models. This does require additional computations to train. This will enable the ability to extract more features from the raw data. This is referred to as feature learning.

The Concept of Deep Learning Pertaining to Modern Computers

Deep learning algorithms can learn and discover the important principles of feature learning. This is accomplished by the exploitation of unknown structures within the distribution with the goal of discovering good representations at numerous levels. The features on the lower levels will define the higher-level features. This means the features at the different levels can learn complex functions from the data with without being dependent on features crafted from humans. The computer can then learn highly complicated concepts by using simpler concepts as building blocks. The concepts use one another to build resulting in numerous layers. This is known as AI deep learning. Artificial neural networks have been subsumed by deep learning. One type of deep learning model is referred to as MLP or multilayer perception.

Deep learning involves the use of complimentary priors. This enables a directed and deep network to be created layer by layer. An undirected associative memory is formed by the top two layers. Feedforward networks allow for numerous additional layers. The capabilities of artificial neural networks have been unleashed by access to large datasets and the improvements in computer power. Nonlinear dimensionality reduction is only possible if the data sets are large enough and the computers have a lot of speed. The reason deep learning did not become popular until the 1990’s was because computers lacked the necessary speed and the data bases were just not big enough. Deep learning requires audio data files, text data files and pixel data images.

Deep learning enables computational models to learn the data representations necessary at numerous levels required for abstraction. This is classified as representation learning methods enabling numerous representation layers. This is obtained with the composition of non-linear, simple models used to transform the raw input into a more abstract level. The key is these features have not been designed by humans but use data for learning.


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